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New Jersey News

5/31/11 - AmeriHealth wants to thank you for making their products among the top sellers in their marketplace. With sales and quoting activity in full swing, it also seemed like a good time to remind you of the  submission deadlines and guideline changes for 2011.

5/4/11 - Horizon has systems changes in place which implement DOBI reinterpretation of 75% Participation Rule. Under the new interpretation, carrier can refuse a group from enrollment if carrier does not have 75% of participation enrolling with one (Primary) carrier.  Along with this rule change, Horizon also has mandated that a new group cannot have more than three plans, if third plan is Health Saving Account (H.S.A.) Plan. A high level information on different types of plan combination allowed for New Sale and Conversions.


3/14/11 - Amerihealth introduced a new network called "Value Network ". The Value Network offers NJ providers only. With this creative network, Amerihealth's rates are almost 10% less than their already competitive rates. They have released an informative guidelines sheet plus there is a broker bonus for any Amerihealth groups sold with the Value Network plans beginning 4/1 new business.


4/25/11 - Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey introduces New Horizon Advantage EPO plans to the small employer market effective July 1, 2011. These plan designs add affordable alternatives to the product portfolio and support your retention and new sales efforts.


3/9/11 - Grow your business with FNA! The fact is that PEO's have been taking business away from many brokers. Well, not any more. Prestige is the Broker’s PEO and by working through FNA and Prestige, you will discover what other brokers have – that the right PEO can make all the difference! At FNA, we work with our brokers instead of against them... and they are reaping the rewards with more commissions - and bigger ones, at that by using a PEO through Prestige and FNA.