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horizon blue cross blue shield

Horizon BCBS wants to remind brokers that the conversion deadline for 3/1/18 renewing groups of off anniversary conversions is Thursday 2/22/18 at 12:00 noon. As always, the conversion deadline for renewing groups or off anniversary conversions is 5 business days prior to renewal at 12:00 noon and should be emailed to nlevinson@fnanj.com. Any groups that are submitted after this deadline will be moved to a 4/1/18 effective date.

Horizon has determined that if a group is accepting their existing ACA plan renewal, no paperwork is necessary. Only if a group is converting to a completely different ACA plan alternative or if they are moving from a pre-ACA plan to an ACA plan would conversion paperwork be necessary. It is important to review the paperwork requirements and process for groups that are converting from a pre-ACA plan to an ACA plan. All groups converting from a pre-ACA to an ACA plan are required to send in, with the conversion form, new 2017 certification paperwork including applicable tax documentation as noted below and waivers. This is for ALL PRE-ACA to ACA CONVERSIONS regardless if they have sent in their certification previously to Horizon and were advised they could renew as is by Small Group certification. 

Below are links to Horizon's Conversion Request Form as well as Small Group Health Plans:

affiliated physicians

In this Broker Blast, APEHP gives you all the latest updates regarding April renewals, some systematic changes, and other reminders. 

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horizon blue cross blue shield

Please see updates regarding Employee Open Enrollment deadlines and updated, legible paperwork as below. Note that a group’s Employee Open Enrollment period is the 30 days prior to renewal, not the 30 days after.  The most updated Enrollment/Change form is attached.  Only fully completed, updated forms should be submitted for processing.

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According to the DOBI, the Buyer’s Guide provides explanations of the basic rules governing the purchase of health coverage by small employers in New Jersey.  The Buyer’s Guide includes frequently asked questions along with responses to the questions. The Buyer’s Guide can help you determine if your client's business qualifies for coverage in the New Jersey small employer market.

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Aetna has shared some exciting news. Now, when you sell Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) to small groups with up to 50 eligible employees, your clients get the benefits of self-funding with protection and predictability, and you get rewarded with this special bonus.  This bonus is for new AFA sales and existing Aetna cases being moved to AFA with up to 50 eligible employee sizes, provided that the AFA plan is administered by Aetna.*

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