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Healthcare Reform

New York State Caps Health Commissions at 4%

All Accident and Health Insurers Authorized to Write Individual and Small Group Accident and Health Insurance in New York State, Article 43 Corporations and Health Maintenance Organizations Under Insurance Law §§ 3231(e)(1) and 4308(c), the superintendent may modify or disapprove the rate adjustment filing or application if the superintendent finds that the premiums are unreasonable, excessive, inadequate or unfairly discriminatory.



House Republicans Pass AHCA but Path Ahead Remains Unclear

Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), by a narrow 217 to 213 vote, with the margin largely falling along party lines. (Interestingly, a sizeable number of Republican House members chose not to support the measure as endorsed by President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan.

AHCA is the Republican legislative vehicle that nullifies and reforms an array of Affordable Care Act provisions (“ACA;” otherwise known as Obamacare).  Although today’s activity means that employers move one step closer to seeing meaningful ACA changes, and this is an undeniably crucial phase for the Republican ACA-repair effort trumpeted by the President -- plan sponsors should note that there’s still a long road ahead before a final bill reaches the President’s desk.  And, many experts note that negotiations with the Senate could still churn new surprises. READ MORE

This week’s election of Donald Trump as President of the United States generates new ambiguity in the already complex world of health care reform.  This article shares observations about the road ahead based on the new political landscape and the concepts most likely driving the new vision of health reform.  Although President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Michael Pence have not yet released a detailed proposal, each has spoken numerous times about health reform during the campaign.  Those speeches and the recent appointment of Andrew Bremberg to lead the Health & Human Services transition team give us a window into policy views that President-elect Trump is likely to support.  An overview of such possible health reform initiatives is outlined in the below.

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What does Withdrawal of the American Health Care Act (“AHCA”) Mean for Employers?

Last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan withdrew the American Health Care Act (AHCA), after GOP leadership determined there were insufficient votes to pass the Bill.  AHCA represented “phase one” of the Trump Administration’s plan to repeal and replace certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare).  Although the GOP required only a simple majority to pass the Bill in the House, key blocks of Republicans House members opposed AHCA, ostensibly because it remained “too much” like ACA. READ MORE



NAHU News Update

This is being shared as a courtesy from NAHU. NAHU With the implementation of healthcare reform upon us we must continue to educate the public, our politicians and our membership to ensure that this legislation helps those that it is meant to help and does not bring about unintended consequences for any of the stakeholders involved."

NBC Nightly News (10/25, story 3, 2:10, Holt) reported “the new announcement of a 25 percent increase in premiums” for Affordable Care Act insurance policies coupled “with fewer choices has many” Americans “wondering what it will mean for them.”

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