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Ancillary News Updates


Below are the updated Q2 2013 dental and vision rate cards.  UnitedHealthcare has reduced vision rates by over 30% in NY, NJ and CT as they went from a regional rate card to a state specific card.  Also, they have added some new plans to the dental rate cards in downstate NY, see the 5 new plan designs below.  Call me with any other questions.


Horizon Broker Brief 2013 -  National Dental Grid.   Horizon BCBSNJ Brief Notes V. 22, No. 900, Nationwide Dental Network for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Customers.

Zurich - Important Statutory Disability Updates for NY - Zurich delays cancellation of First Quarter NY Statutory Disability Overlife business to April 1, 2013. This is in an effort to give employers more time to work with impacted customers in determining their future insurance needs.


11/15/12- Update to Ancillary Claims Processing Rules New Effective Date January 1, 2013 On October 12, 2012, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey announced changes tohow providers will be required to file certain ancillary claims and how these claims will be processed by all Blue Plans, including Horizon BCBSNJ.

11/5/12 -  Colonial Life has recieved 30 top honors in 7 years for products, service and innovation The 2012 Bene!ts Selling Readers’ Choice Awards contest results are in and, once again, brokers named Colonial Life their top choice in all categories relevant to their business! What we’re proud of most? Find out more about Colonial's latest accolades Voted #1 across the board by the Broker community.


11/5/12 Colonial Life 30 top honors in 7 years for products, service and innovation The 2012 Bene!ts Selling Readers’ Choice Awards contest results are in and, once again, brokers named Colonial Life their top choice in all !ve categories relevant to our business! Voted #1 across the board by the Broker community.


10/8/12 - UHC Select managed care dental product (DMO) UnitedHealthcare's New Managed Care DMO is now available in NY. While groups must be domiciled in these specific New York counties, network coverage makes it an ideal option for employees who live in New Jersey and Connecticut as well.


8/24/12 - Standard Security Life Insurance Company. Providing the New York market with DBL coverage for more than 50 years Rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company


8/14/12 Guardian’s network – in the palm of your hand. Introducing the Guardian AnytimeSM Mobile App! Guardian is committed to not only developing the right plan designs


8/15/12 - Principal Leverage these tool to build your Law Firm business. Law firms are an excellent market for employee benefits. Not only do attorneys understand the need for coverage, attorneys have assets, skills and practices that need specialized protection.


8/13/12 PPO Dental/Vision ID card update.  Effective new business and inforce cases on renewal dates begining 9/1/12 Guardign will be using electronic
ID cards that employers and members can access through GuardianAnyTime.


8/7/12 - Zurich will be changing banks from Bank of America to Citibank.  Due to this change, their remittance address is changing. The new remittance address for NY DBL Payments will be:

Department 2442
Carol Stream, IL  60132-2442

Zurich/ Lockbox #2442
c/o Citibank Lockbox Operations
8430 W. Byrn Mawr Ave, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL


8/2/12 -Guardian Introduces Accident and Cancer Voluntary Products. Introducing Accident and Cancer Voluntary Products. Two new additions to Guardian VoluntaryWorks.SM Change in the health care market is inevitable. Together, we can seize the opportunity with Guardian VoluntaryWorks


8/2/12 - Guardian - Introducing Accident and Cancer Voluntary Products. Two new additions to Guardian VoluntaryWorks.SM Change in the health care market is inevitable. Together, we can seize the opportunity. Guardian VoluntaryWorks.


Understanding Contract Language - Not all disability contracts are created equal. You already know the importance of comparing contracts and explaining their differences to clients. Just one word or
phrase can make a difference when – or if – an employee qualifies as disabled. Find out more about understanding contract language.


7/17/12 - Cigna Dental network/product update for the NY & NJ market for 250+ eligible employees


6/18/12  - Disability coverage is one of the most important, but often overlooked, employee benefits. It protects one of employees’ most valuable assets — the ability to continue to earn an income if they become too sick or injured to work. At Principal Life Insurance Company, we believe all employees should have some level of disability coverage. For that reason, we offer Basic Short-Term Disability (STD)
coverage in addition to our standard STD product.

Available as employer-paid or voluntary, Basic STD is easy to understand, affordable and can provide Basic STD is NOT meant to replace standard short-term disability product.  It is meant to offer clients who
don’t currently include disability in their benefit package the opportunity to do so at an affordable price with an easy-to-understand product.

Product specifics:

  • Only date of birth and gender are needed to quote
  • No salary or occupations are required
  • Great for cross sales at renewal
  • Available in employer-paid or voluntary options
  • Multiple Product Discount (MPD) qualifier - both employer-paid and voluntary
  • MPD discountable - only employer-paid, not voluntary
  • Can provide meaningful income replacement
  • Cannot be sold with Principal Life new or existing LTD or STD
  • Cannot be sold in CA, HI, NJ, RI

3rd quarter rate sheets are available for OBM

•    Groups enrolling in Contributory plans must have at least 75% of active eligible employees enrolled, excluding those waived with spousal coverage. This is not to fall below 50% of all eligible employees.
•    Groups enrolling in Voluntary plans must have at least 2 people enrolling to be eligible for coverage.
•    The employer must contribute at least 50% towards the employee’s premium for Contributory plans and no more than 49% for the Voluntary plan.
•    For orthodontia, an employer group must have a minimum of 10 enrolling employees. Orthodontia benefits are for dependent children only up to the age of 26.
•    Effective dates of coverage can only be the first of the month.

To enroll a new group into an OBM plan, the following items must be submitted:

1.    A completed OBM Group Enrollment Checklist – attached.
2.    A Member Enrollment Form must be completed for each active eligible enrolling employee – attached.
3.    A binder check equal to one month's premium made payable to Oxford Benefit Management.
4.    A rate sheet based on final enrollment census information and current effective date.
5.    A Wage and Tax Statement. Examples of Required Tax Documentation.
6.    A recent copy of the group's current dental insurance carrier's Summary of Benefits, as well as the prior carrier's bill (only needed if the group had prior dental coverage through another carrier).


4-27-12  - Principal Financial Group Life and LTD with a Bonus - For new Life and Long-Term Disability (LTD) cases with third quarter effective dates, your clients can receive up to three bonus options from Principal Life Insurance Company. And don’t forget to ask about our VTL combo discount program where basic life, short-term and long-term disability can receive discounts when VTL is quoted with them.


Empire small Group Life Rates

3/14/12 - The most recent updated and corrected Principal Comdex composite is now available


3/5/12 - Great News!  Group Medical Bridge is now available in New York!  Finally a low cost solution to help off-set the rising cost of medical exposure on today's high deductible health plans.  These affordable hospital confinement indemnity plans pay benefits directly to the insured regardless of what any other insurance pays.  Please take a few minutes to review this important information and 
"GET IN THE KNOW".  Benefits rates and marketing materials are available on the website.

3/9/12  Prudential LTC Discontinues Individual LTC Sales - After a thorough analysis of their long-term care insurance business, Prudential has made the difficult decision to discontinue sales of individual long-term care insurance products, including LTC3, LTC Evolution, and  multi-life programs (ESP and Affiliation).  They will continue to market group products, Solid Solutions and LTC123.  The decision reflects the challenging economics of the individual market and Prudential’s desire to focus our resources and capital on the group market, where they see the greatest opportunity. They will stay in the group long-term care insurance business.

Special offering for the existing Rayant business.  With attractive pricing and the plan design competitive with the market offerings.  In addition, they expect to have for you soon a buy up option for a $1,500 as well as for their Preventative Max Multiplier or FlexAppeal option.